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Taking VC back to its true purpose

Where Entrepreneurs invest in Entrepreneurial success

About Us

Deeptech is not like SaaS investing, a different animal with bigger rewards.

A $250 million entrepreneur-managed fund, spanning five of the most important and impactful domains. (1- Built environment, 2- Material science & manufacturing, 3- Life Sciences, 4- Information Sciences, 5- Energy & ESG)


With an incredibly keen eye for pioneering technologies, Actual VC is not just another fund, but a strategic partner that is "on-the-inside" propelling innovation to revolutionary heights. Actual VC, therefore, is bridging entrepreneurial spirit and visionary investment, ready to shape the future and reap the rewards.

What we do


Strategic Support Stemming from decades of experience

Working with startups in the following areas: 

  • Business model development and integrating into the value chain.

  • Implementing growth tools and engines.

  • Overcoming internal and external inflection points (competition, talent, resources, etc.)

  • Gearing-up for hypergrowth and market expansion

  • Key value creation levers


Collaborative Initiatives to Nurture Growth

  • Community building initiatives and corporate engagement while nurturing relationships.

  • Global platforms to connect with and impact growth of founders, visionaries, startups and entrepreneurs


De-risking Deep Tech 

  • Active portfolio management with real value creation & integration.

  • Monitoring macro-cycles of deep-tech hypes and maturity level.

  • Spinning-off use-cases / deployments & market making.

  • Complementing portfolio with companies that de-risk and unlock value in a value-chain construction approach.

  • Leveraging subject matter expertise through advisors, business networks and communities

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